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About Us

Michael J Powell

Michael Powell has more than 25 years of experience working as a bartender, manager and director in the alcohol beverage industry. Over the years, Michael has had the opportunity to be directly involved in the operation of beverage outlets in hotels, restaurants , night clubs, and bars. He has been responsible for design, layout, construction, and daily operation of several successful alcoholic beverage operations. This experience has provided valuable insight that has been incorporated into Northeast Bartenders training program.

During the 1980's Michael along with partner Dan Batto, designed a bartending training program to be taught at Northeast Bartenders school in Clifton Park, NY. This program, frequently updated, has been used to train hundreds of bartenders , bar manangers, and bar owners in both locations over the years.

Michael has been licensed to teach TIPS (Alcohol Awareness Certification Course) as well as T.A.M. (Techniques of Alcohol Management) and has recently partnered with Learn2Serve, the nation's leading online training and certification program.

Northeast Bartenders has consulted for several area beverage operations and provided programs designed to help bartenders to increase beverage sales, reduce risk & liabilty and improve customer service.

Michael writes and appears in the "Behind The Bar" segments seen locally on T.V. 40. These segments offer instruction and insight to people in the food & beverage industry. "Behind The Bar" is part of the "Hitzel A La Carte" television show.

Most weekend nights you can find Michael behind the bar, mixing drinks and keeping up with the latest trends and goings on at the Chelsea Pub.