Change Careers and Fall in Love With Bartending

Change Careers and Fall in Love With Bartending

Take a Bartending Course in Atlantic City, NJ

Three weeks at bartending school could change your life forever. Start a career you’ll love by joining a class at Northeast Bartenders. Sign up for bartending instruction to sharpen your mixology and customer service skills and get one step closer to your dream job in the Atlantic City, NJ area.

5 things you’ll learn at your Northeast Bartenders training

You’re steps away from an exciting new career in bartending. Take a Northeast Bartenders course to learn:

  1. The basics of mixology. You’ll learn how to prepare classic drinks and trendy cocktails.
  2. How to get bigger tips. You’ll learn how to make the most of your interactions with customers.
  3. Proper health and safety practices. You’ll learn alcohol awareness tips and sanitation requirements.
  4. Money management. You’ll learn how to handle cash and credit transactions and count your inventory properly.
  5. How to provide great customer service. You’ll learn ways to become your customers’ favorite bartender.

Call 609-652-3668 to find out when the next session of bartending school in Atlantic City, NJ will start.